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Vorloupoulos's Law

Reconstructed according to the parchment that Anna Hodosh digged up in archives of the Vorhartung Castle.
Published by Lady Lois's august approval.

1. Only Vors - "The Sinews of the Imperium, the Emperor's Right Arm" - are permitted to own personal weapons.
Consequence: a prole is not permitted to own personal weapon.
2. Emperor's Vassal Secundus (Count or Count's heir) can issue the prole with his own weapon in exchange for an armsman oath.
Consequence: if somebody who wasn't confirmed as a Count or Count's heir receives an Armsman's oath, it is a crime.
3. An armsman is entirely submitted to his liege-lord, and the lord is entirely responsible for him
Consequence: the liege-lord is entirely responsible for his armsman's weapon using.
Consequence: all charges against armsman must be addressed only to his liege-lord
Consequence: as this submittence is absolute people who are on actual Imperial Service or who brought a lifetime oath to the Emperor (like Vors) cannot be armsmen.
4. Because armsmen serve as a personal guard of their liege-lord, their number cannot be more than twenty