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VorCon-2002: photos

The role-playing game "Council of Counts"

See picture Justmarried - Alisia Vorfolse and Vlad Vorcraft - could set an example of happy marriage to Piotr Vorkosian and his admiration, Princess Olivia (1).
See picture Count Vorfolse is compromised... How heedlessly is to talk with ghem-colonel in sight of an other Vors, even under cover of his own Armsman! (1).
See picture Young Helga Vormuir with the best dog of her favorite kennel (4).
See picture Rada Bige was so lucky: Count Vorfolse recognized a modest housemaid as his illegitimate daughter, gave her a downry and married her off to the young Lord Vorwin. (1).
See picture You must know your enemy by sight! Here is Cetagandan delegation. Ghem-colonel Santero Ikoo, Secretary Akiro Dena and Ambassador Fayar Gerillian(1).
See picture Count Eric Vorhartung and his kinswoman, Lady Morgana Vorreedi. How self-satisfied he looks! (1)
See picture Dono Vorrutier and Katrine Vormuir. To each his own: "PlayVor" for Dono and fashion-magazine for Katrine (1).
See picture Mister Angel Ungyerry Thorn. He is really inscrutable (1).
See picture Count Vorhartung support the bride under the arm. (1).
See picture Countess-dowager Tessa Vortugarov has just talked with detail to Count Vorhartung about her District and its outstanding bogs: the best bogs of all Barrayar! (1)
See picture Vorreedy one, Vorreedy two... Aged Lord Josef and his cousine Lady Morgana (1).
See picture Lord Vlad Vorcraft (not for a while yet Prince Vorbarra) and his faithful Armsman Derric (2).
See picture Prince Xav! Armsman's cap suits you very well, but it conflicts with etiquette... (2)
See picture Count Vorhartung and Armsman Derric. Both uniforms are really excellent. (2)
See picture Armsman Derric guards Vor-ladies: Lady Regina Vorinnis, Countess Tessa Vortugarov and Lady Morgana Voreedi. (3)
See picture Ghem-colonel Santero Ikoo himself with fresh face-painting in style "bleeding-zebra". (3)
See picture Cetagandan Ambassador Fayar Gerillian had wanted to restrict himself with an avant-garde swirl of color on cheekbone, but then has had to draw full face-paint. (3)
See picture Council of Counts. Prince Ezar is making speech.(4)
See picture Lieutenant Alex Vorpoul reports to his commander, General Pierre Vorrutier "Le Sanguinaire". (5)
See picture Lieutenant Alex Vorpoul and Imperial Auditor Baldr Vorsetti at the Council session. (5)
See picture Count Vorinnis; it is rumoured that he was injured at the hunting. (5)
See picture Newly-made Prince Vorbarra - aka Vlad Vorcraft - is affiliated with all Vorbarra family: he hears very closely to words of Empress Helen-Naila. (5)
See picture Prince Yuri and his clandestine spouse Lady Gelle Vorrutier-Vorvard have just annonced about their marriage. (5)
See picture Three ladies: Lady Helga Vormuir, Countess-dowager Carol Voraronberg and Lady Regina Vorinnis. (5)
See picture Count Vassily Vordarian, Count Alex Vorobyov and Lord Josef Vorreedi share their impressions abount current situation. (5)
See picture Couple of Vorpatrils: Count Arthur Padma and Countess Therese. (6)
See picture Lord Baldr Vorsetti, Princess Olivia ans General Piotr Vorkosigan. (6)
See picture Count Vorpatril is glad: he has persuaded Vorkosigan to support his suttleport ptoject. (6)
See picture Counts Vorhartung and Vorfolse are almost childhood friends, but this fact isn't well known. (7)
See picture Counts Vorfolse and Vordarian are going to duel. The Seconds and the representative of the Duel Commitee are watching to the observance of rules.(7)
See picture Count Vassily Vordarian and his Second Lord Dono Vorrutier. (7)
See picture Count Konstantin Vorfolse and his Second Count Vorhartung. (7)
See picture Count Patric Vorbretten from the Duel Commitee marks off the time. (7)
See picture Lieutenant Lord Alex Vorpoul: his uniform dress wase named "The best man's suit". (5)
See picture Lady Helga Vormuir: her dress was named "The best Lady's toilette". (5)
See picture The mansion of Count Vorfolse. (4)
See picture Another view of Vorfolse's castle, "Stonepine". (8)
See picture Game masters talks about its conceptions with players. (2)
See picture ""WE DRINK TO OUR VICTORY!" Everybody are standing, even ghem-colonel. (2)
See picture Lord Dono Vorrutier and Count Alexei Vorinnis. (8)
See picture Count Rulf Vorbon salutes to master and mistress of the house. (8)
See picture Lady Regina and her brother-in-law, Count Vorinnis. Such a idyll! (8)
See picture Guests are waiting for the start of wedding ceremony. (8)
See picture The hostess Katrine Vormuir, niece of Count Vorfolse, greets bridegroom and his Second. (8)
See picture The Emperor's family honours wedding with their presence: Princess Catarina, Crownprince Yuri, Princess Beatrice, Prince Xav, Empress Helen-Naile.
See picture THese galactics are at the same time wedding guests and hostages. Cetagandan delegation and the Comarran Nick Durrance.
See picture Count-the-father bring his daugther Alicia to wedding hall. Majordomo guards the door. (8)
See picture Count Vorfolse hands over the symbolic blunt knife as a sign of perfect bride's blood. (8)
See picture Groom'd Second, Count Patric Vorbretten enclose the wedding circle. (8)
See picture Lord Speaker Vorhartung conducts the Council Session. (8)
See picture Price Xav talks to Counts about project of weapon purchase. (8)
See picture Armsmen guard the door of Council Chamber. (8)
See picture Counts Vorhartung and Vordarian are sitting in harmony, side by side. (8)
See picture Emperor Dorca is safe and sound! (8)
See picture The orgy. Vors are plainly eating the chocolate!... :-) (According to the game rules, the love-affair could be modeled by joint eating of chocolate). (1)

Photos are presented by : A.Hodosh (1), O.Filippova (2), A.Balabchenkov (3), E.Rodin (4), A.Povolotsky (5), D.Belyavski (6), E.Shestakova (7), S.Mityaev (8).